Jennie-O Partners with Biggest Loser for Season 15 Finale

Jennie-O will celebrate the Season 15 finale of The Biggest Loser with turkey tacos for the cast and studio audience
Jennie-O turkey tacos

The cast of The Biggest Loser Season 15, along with the entire studio audience, will be served celebratory turkey tacos after the show.

During tonight’s season 15 finale (Feb. 4) of The Biggest Loser, Jennie-O is planning to surprise the cast, along with the entire studio audience and some contestants from past seasons, with healthy tacos, made with Jennie-O lean ground turkey.

The tacos will be handed out immediately after the episode wraps, in the hopes of encouraging The Biggest Loser cast members and audience members alike to think of ways to incorporate Jennie-O lean turkey into their diets. Jennie-O has enjoyed a successful partnership with The Biggest Loser, whose trainers have often used Jennie-O products to show contestants how to eat healthier.

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Jennie-O, an all-natural alternative to ground beef, is naturally high in protein and low in calories, with 8 grams of fat per serving. Contestants and home-viewers alike are encourage to visit or for recipe ideas. Tonight, Jennie-O will help the NBC show celebrate a combined loss of 26,000 pounds over its 14 consecutive seasons.