Jean-Georges Vongerichten Asks What Grant Achatz Is Smoking

Plate Magazine (via Eater) brings us this gem of a moment where chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten recounts his experience at Alinea at Eleven Madison Park (where Achatz brought his team and menu to New York), and ends with, "What the f*ck is wrong with this guy?" The guy being Grant Achatz, and the question being totally complimentary, of course.

After coming away from the meal, Vongerichten had one question for Grant Achatz: "Between Alinea and Next, I want to know what you're smoking. Let me know."

Naturally, Plate had to get Achatz's response (Who wouldn't want to know what Achatz, The Daily Meal's chef of the year last year, is smoking?). Achatz takes a while to figure out an answer, but ultimately he decides on the best stoner response ever: "Chef, I'm smoking dreams, man. I'm smoking dreams. That's it."

Watch the question, and the best reaction ever, in the video from Plate below. If this Burning Questions series continues in the same fashion, it'll be a new favorite.