Jason Alexander Tries to Win a Woman's Heart with Coffee

Spoiler: He makes a killer cup of coffee in this Nickelback video

Chad Kroeger must have a thing for a good latte; the latest Nickelback video stars none other than Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander as a barista in love with a customer.

The story line goes something like this: Boy meets girl, falls in love, makes her a cup of coffee. Second boy comes in, dumps cup of coffee, makes her a cup of coffee with fancier art. Coffee war ensues.

Naturally, Jason Alexander fans and Nickelback fans probably don't overlap too much, so the reception is somewhat scattered. On the Nickelback fan side: "This is disappointing, the video doesn't match the song... still love u guys but do-over PLZ!" one commenter wrote. "Song is OK but the video is absolutely abysmal!" another wrote.

Jason Alexander fans, however, felt the opposite: "Listen to the first few words then play on mute, or play another song while watching. Jason Alexander hasn't lost any of his hilarious charm," one wrote.

Similar comments include: "This video is better when you mute it," "This Jason Alexander video has a sh*tty soundtrack," and "George WTF!!!! How could you participate in this abortion of music." On the bright side, plenty of coffee art porn.