Japanese Farmers Make Truly Terrifying Scarecrows

Crows aren’t the only ones being creeped out by these scarecrows
Japanese scarecrows


Japanese farmers, not content with scaring mere crows, are now making scarecrows that look like something out of a horror movie.

Nobody wants crows pecking at their corn, rice, and other crops, but a few Japanese farmers have taken things pretty far and built some scarecrows that are terrifying not only the crows, but also any unfortunate humans who happen to be walking by.

According to Rocket News 24, a Twitter user going by the name @jump_up_ has been chronicling the creepiest scarecrows protecting crops in rural Japan, and these things are a far cry from the adorable bendy guy from The Wizard of Oz.

One field is guarded by a towering school girl in a black and white uniform, but she has no arms or legs. The field behind her is strewn liberally with what look like human heads on sticks. One imagines the birds taking one look and deciding maybe they’ll go look for grubs or find a nice old lady handing out crusts of bread in the park.



A field full of doll heads is scary enough on its own, but one could at least imagine that maybe the farmer just lucked into a crate of inexpensive heads and decided to put them to use. Another farmer, though, appears to have handcrafted what looks like a decomposing corpse with proper bone structure and everything. Crows probably don’t know that much about human anatomy, but if the farmer wants to keep teenagers out of his fields, that would probably do it.