Restaurant Promises Employees Time Off for Comic Conventions

A Japanese restaurant’s recruiting ad promises days off for conventions

Recruitment ads for a Japanese restaurant chain are offering time off for comic conventions.

Finding a job that pays well and gives a person enough time to enjoy their non-working time can be tough, but a restaurant in Japan is actually offering potential employees time off to attend anime conventions.

According to Rocket News 24, the popular Marugame Udon chain has about 700 units in Japan, and in some new recruitment ads it is emphasizing its scheduling flexibility by promising potential employees that they will be able to hold down a job and still have weekends off for anime conventions.

A Twitter user going by the handle "Inushi" spotted the ads, in which a big-eyed anime heroine pleads, “Let me go to Comike on Saturday and Sunday!”

“Comike” is Comic Market, a semi-annual event that is one of the biggest anime and comic book conventions in Japan. But the ad’s text reassures our heroine that, “At Marugame, working shifts only on weekdays is OK!”


The ad seems to be working, too, with several Twitter users commenting on Inushi’s post to say “I want to work there!” and “Hang on -- gotta run out and turn in my application.”