Soak In Maple Syrup At This Japanese Hot Spring Resort

Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day, especially when it features pancakes with maple syrup. Now breakfast lovers can indulge in the ultimate pancake-lover's fantasy: soaking in a big pool of maple syrup.

According to Rocket News 24, in Hakone, Japan, there is a famous hot spring resort called Yunessun Spa House, which has several different, unconventional communal soaking baths that smell like tea, coffee, and a ramen bath with fake noodles in it. Now they're opening up a new one that will have actual maple syrup in it.

The maple syrup bath is part of a tie-in promotion with a popular pancake mix company that wanted to celebrate its 60th anniversary in an unexpected way. So now the resort has a bath that smells like maple syrup, and several times a day staff pour actual maple syrup into the baths. That might sound a bit sticky, but at least everyone will smell nice when they leave.