Japanese Grapes Cost a Record $5,400 a Bunch

Japanese grapes are the most expensive in the world

These grapes catch a hefty price at auction.

A Japanese wedding hall is treating their bridal couples to a special treat: grapes that cost $5,400. The grapes are called Ruby Roman, and the wedding hall owner bought one bunch at an auction for 550,000 yen, or about $5,400.

The bunch consisted of about 30 grapes and weighed around 28 ounces, with each grape costing a whopping $180. The red-skinned grapes can reportedly grow to be as big as three centimeters in diameter.

The Ruby Roman grapes will be served at the wedding hall in central Ishikawa. Thirty more bunches of the grapes were auctioned on Saturday. The grape was first put on the market in 2008 and 16,000 bunches have been sold this season alone. In 2009, the Ruby Romans only cost 100,000 yen.


High-quality fruit is a common gift in Japan. The wedding hall owner told TKTK, “I would like couples to savour them and have a great memory.”