Japanese Food: Shikoku's Popular Dishes

Japanese food has many regional variations

Japanese food from Shikoku has a focus on noodle dishes and seafood dishes.

Japanese cuisine has many more varieties than most Americans realize. Among the more distinctive types is Shikoku cuisine. Many of Shikoku’s popular dishes can be found at Japanese restaurants both inside Japan and outside the country.

One of Shikoku’s popular dishes is sanuki udon. Udon is a popular noodle used in many noodle-based Japanese food recipes you will find. Sanuki udon is made with seafood and broth and just a splash of soy sauce.

Another signature Shikoku dish is Tokushima ramen. Ramen is a very common noodle used in all kinds of Japanese food. Tokushima ramen consist of pork broth seasoned with soy sauce, bamboo shoots, green onions, bean sprouts, and salty-sweetened pork back rib. Traditionally, it’s topped with a raw egg. Many locals take Tokushima ramen with a bowl of white rice on the side.


Katsuo no tataki is also a popular dish from Shikoku. Katsuo no tataki is made by finely chopping skipjack tuna that is mixed with spring onion and is seasoned with rice vinegar.