Japanese Food: Okinawa's Popular Dishes

Japanese food is a very popular type of cuisine, and there are many Japanese restaurants in America that represent various types of Japanese food. Okinawa is a prefecture in Southern Japan that offers its own unique style of Japanese food. Many Japanese recipes are reflective of the regions of Japan that they come from.

If you are interested in trying the different types of Japanese food, you should try the Okinawa style of Japanese food. One of the most popular Okinawa dishes is goya champuru, which is a type of Japanese food.The most popular version of this Japanese recipe is one that uses goya, or a green gourd with a distinctly bitter flavor, with tofu, pork and eggs.

Rafute is a type of Japanese food that that is sweet and savory when prepared in Japanese restaurants in Okinawa. Rafute is slabs of pork belly simmered in soy sauce and glazed with brown sugar. This can be eaten alone or as a topping on another type of popular Japanese food: the Okinawa soba noodle, which is different than the traditional Japanese soba noodle. Okinawa soba noodles are slightly firm and chewy and are usually served in a broth of kelp, bonito fish flakes, and pork.

Taco rice, umi budo, and tofuyo are other examples of Okinawa's popular dishes.