Japanese Food: Kansai And Chugoku's Popular Dishes

In the States, sushi is among our favorite type of Japanese food. But Japanese food is much more than that. Japanese cuisine is extremely varied. And the different styles of Japanese food reflect the countries different regions. It's difficult to say which region cooks up the best Japanese food, as each region has its own specialties that come from traditional Japanese recipes.

The regions of Kansai and Chugoku are home to many popular Japanese dishes. Among the most popular dishes in Chugoku are fugu, which is puffer fish commonly served in a sashimi form.

One of Kansai's most popular dishes is a Japanese dish called yudofu, which is tofu that's first boiled in a kelp soup then dipped in a variety of sauces. Funazushi is a popular delicacy in the Kansai region. Funazushi is an ancient style of sushi that has a very pickled and sour taste and is made from funa that is sourced from Lake Biwa-ko.