Japanese Food: Chubu And Kanto's Popular Dishes

The Japanese food found in the Chubu and Kanto region differs from the Japanese food found in many other regions across the country. The Kanto region encompasses greater Tokyo, which is Japan's largest and most well known city and where you can find most regional cuisines well represented.

In the Kanto region, one of the more popular dishes is Monjayaki, a Tokyo specialty. This savory Japanese pancake contains many ingredients and is eaten directly off the grill using a spatula.  Monjayaki is similar to the okonomiyaki, another Japanese speciality, which is commonly associated with Kansai or Hiroshima.

In the Chubu region, one of the more popular Japanese dishes is inago no tsukudani, or inago, a type of grasshopper that is stewed in sweetened soy sauce.

Houtou is another popular Japanese dish found in the Chubu region. This noodle dish is typically cooked with pumpkin and other vegetables in a miso broth.