Here’s a Fun New Way to Shower Your Holiday Party with Cockroaches

A Japanese company made Christmas crackers full of cockroaches

A Japanese company decided that the old, candy-shaped Christmas crackers were boring, so they filled them with cockroaches.

If your holiday is a bit too tidy and free of horrible vermin, a Japanese company has reinvented the traditional Christmas cracker as a fun new way to spray cockroaches all over the holiday table.

According to Rocket News 24, Link Factory, a Japanese company that produces fun novelty goods, has redesigned the festive seasonal party cracker. While a normal Christmas cracker is a fun British holiday toy that is designed to look like a giant piece of candy and is festively filled with things like confetti, jokes, candy, snacks, and small toys that burst out when the cracker is popped, the Link Factory “Cockroach Cracker” has replaced the confetti with a whole bunch of plastic cockroaches. At least, it seems like they’re probably plastic. Link Factory did not specify, but a holiday cracker filled with live cockroaches seems less like a quirky holiday prank and more like an awful thing to do in someone’s house.

The cockroach cracker is a little holiday cone decorated with a picture of a cockroach. It even appears to have a cockroach antenna sticking out the tip. But when that antenna is pulled, dozens of tiny cockroaches come bursting forth and spill all across the table.

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Even though the cockroaches are fake, the vision of them scattered across the table is enough to put anyone off their Christmas cake, but Link Factory says they invented the Cockroach Cracker for people who are tired of the “same old party crackers, year after year.” Because if confetti and candy lose their appeal, a nest of baby cockroaches will surely help lighten the mood.