Japanese Company Brings Standing-Only Restaurants To New York

Would you stand and eat sushi? One restaurateur hopes so.

Michio Yasuda of the ORENO Corporation tells Reuters that he plans on bringing his standing restaurant concepts to New York.

In Japan, the restaurants eschew seating in favor of price, as chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants cook meals that are more accessible and affordable than seated venues.

Yasuda owns 18 restaurants in Tokyo and wants to bring the concept to New York, allowing New Yorkers to eat quality sushi without paying hefty prices.

"Only a tiny portion of people can afford to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants, but those who earn a modest income should also be able to try high-quality food," Yasuda said.

Reuters reports that he's planning a standing, gourmet Japanese restaurant but doesn't offer more specifics. Standing-only restaurants have been popular in Japan, especially as one-Michelin-starred chef Hiroshi Shimada decided to open a 14-person standing bar, serving quality food at lower prices. "This restaurant was a result of connecting the two dots — serving first-rate food but for much less money," Shimada told Reuters last year.