Japanese Self-Freezing Coke Bottles Create Slushies With Science

Japan gets all the most interesting sodas, like eel-flavored soda and soda flavored with salt and watermelon, but now a new Coke bottle might be the coolest soda invention yet, because Japanese Coke bottles are freezing themselves to make in-bottle Coke-flavored frozen slush.

According to Rocket News 24, the new self-freezing Coke bottles look like perfectly ordinary bottles of Coke full of the fizzy brown liquid the world is already so familiar with. These are different, though. Once the bottle is opened and a small sip taken, the bottle can be re-closed and turned upside down, and when it is opened again the Coke has turned to ice, like a Coke-flavored slushie made by magic.

The way it works is that the bottles are kept in special vending machines at a temperature below freezing. When the bottles are closed, the Coke stays liquid. When they're opened, however, the ice crystals are able to form and the bubbles make it nice and slushy.

Right now the self-freezing Cokes are available from 1,000 vending machines in the northeast region of Japan. The rest of Japan could get their machines eventually, but it looks like the rest of the world will just have to look on in envy.