These Chocolate Shoes are Realistic Enough to Wear

A Japanese chocolatier made edible shoes
Japanese chocolate shoes

Japanese chocolatier Motohiro Okai made a line of life-sized chocolate shoes that look exactly like the real thing. 

If you’re going to do something, it’s better to do it well, so when chocolatier Motohiro Okai decided to make shoes out of chocolate, he made them look so perfect a person could be forgiven for trying to put them on and wear them.

It’s not entirely clear why a person would want to make shoes out of chocolate, but Okai’s shoes are so impressive it doesn’t even matter why he made them. According to Rocket News 24, the “Gentleman’s Radiance” line of chocolate shoes from the L’éclat chocolate boutique at the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka, Japan, looks like extremely high-end brown leather shoes. They have the chocolatey, variated luster of high-end leather, and each pair has seams, soles, stitches, and laces.

The shoes are 10.2 inches long, and they’re sold in pairs with a right shoe and a left shoe, just like normal shoes. They come in dark brown, light brown, and reddish-brown shades of “leather,” but they’re all really just extremely fancy chocolate.

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The shoes are completely edible, but a pair of them runs about $260. Only nine pairs will reportedly be made, and they’re available for preorder from January 20 to February 7, in case you happen to be in the market for a pair of very expensive shoes that are actually made of chocolate.