Japanese Chain Rolls Out Purple Pancakes for Halloween

Purple pancakes say “Halloween” at Eggs ‘n Things
Purple Halloween Pancakes


A Japanese cafe chain is celebrating Halloween with some bright purple pancakes and a "bloody" purple lemonade. 

A couple years ago, all-black cheeseburgers were all the rage in Japan at Halloween, but this year the color of the season appears to be purple. The Lotteria burger chain revealed its seasonal Halloween burger, which has a big glop of purple cheese sauce, and now Eggs ‘n Things is joining in with a big stack of bright purple pancakes.

According to Rocket News 24, Eggs ‘n Things is a Hawaiian restaurant chain that is very popular in Japan, and its new Halloween offerings are designed to be a bit spooky and bloody. The Halloween pancakes are a classic stack of buttermilk pancakes topped with a generous coating of purple sweet potato paste, which is really bright purple. It’s topped with mangoes and raspberries and comes plated on a dish of raspberry sauce meant to look like a “sea of blood.”

The blood theme carries over to the chain’s “Halloween Special Drink,” which is a tall glass of blue lemonade served with a plastic syringe full of red strawberry “blood.” When the “blood” is injected into the drink, it turns the beverage into a strawberry lemonade, and it also turns it purple to match the pancakes.