Japanese Burger Chain Lotteria Unveils Freakish 5-Patty Burgers

To answer a question no one asked (how many burgers should be allowed between two buns?), Japanese chain Lotteria has created two sandwiches whose height nearly matches their calorie count. Though the purchase price is 500 yen (or around $6.30), your body ostensibly pays a much higher price when you ingest the towers of beef and cheese or fried shrimp.

Eater is quick to note that these behemoth burgers are technically available all the time to customers by simply ordering additional patties, but the price of adding each patty separately drives the cost well past the current deals being run — hence the special promotions.

This isn't the first time Japan has seen a five-patty burger. Over the summer, Burger King Japan celebrated its fifth anniversary in the country with a penta-burger of its own, though even through the magic of advertising the resulting sandwich looked paltry in comparison to Lotteria's beefy meat bomb.