Japan Gets Special, Super-Carbonated Pepsi

Pepsi Strong 5.0GV is the most carbonated Pepsi ever

Japan's new Pepsi Strong 5.0GV soda is a special, super-carbonated soda in a reinforced bottle. 

Super-carbonated Pepsi is one of those things that a person does not realize is missing from life until that person hears about its existence, and after that knowledge is imparted, the absence of super-carbonated Pepsi in one’s life is sorely felt. Customers in Japan can get it, though, and they’ll soon be enjoying their Pepsi with five times as many bubbles as normal.

According to Rocket News 24, the new Pepsi Strong 5.0GV is five times as carbonated as normal Pepsi, and it comes in a specially reinforced plastic bottle to help contain the super-carbonated soda.

The “5.0 GV” references the carbonation or “gas volume” of the soda. A normal one-liter bottle of Pepsi reportedly has 1.0 GV, and this new one has 5.0 GV in a half-liter bottle. It’s reportedly the most carbonated drink in Pepsi’s history, and it certainly sounds like something people are going to want to try. The new soda goes on sale at the end of June in Japan, but free preview bottles are being given to some fans via the brand’s new promotional site. Unfortunately, those of us who are not in Japan will just have to be content with having the normal number of bubbles in our sodas.