Japan Gets New Rum Raisin Oreo Bars

Japan gets all the cool novelty flavors, and now it looks like the rest of the world will have a pretty good reason to be envious, because Japan just got new rum raisin Oreo bars, and they look pretty cool.

According to Rocket News 24, the new Oreo chocolate bars feature a distinctly Oreo-like chocolate cookie with a soft, rum raisin-flavored creamy center. The whole thing is coated with a layer of dark chocolate that is reportedly 70 percent cacao.

The new rum raisin Oreo chocolate bars are being marketed towards an older crowd of consumers, and a label on the package says they're "for adult tastes." They do look pretty amazing.

The new Oreos went on sale earlier this week in Japan, where they're reportedly selling for about $1.70 for a box of seven. Those of us in the rest of the world will just have to feel envious and cross our fingers that someone at Nabisco will change his or her mind and set these for an international expansion.