Japan Made Strawberries That Taste Like Peaches

Strawberries have a pretty delightful scent and flavor on their own, but someone evidently thought that strawberries could be improved upon if only they could be made to taste like peaches.

According to Rocket News 24, Japan actually has strawberries that smell and taste like peaches. They are called toukun ichigo, or "peach-aroma strawberry," and they look just like enormous, peach-sized strawberries, except they are a lighter peach color instead of a strawberry's traditional red. They can be purchased in Tokyo for $10.90 apiece.

According to Rocket News 24, the inside of the fruit is white, and it smells exactly like a peach. At first bite, it tastes very strongly of peach, but the strawberry flavor reportedly comes through in the end.

It is unclear what exactly was wrong with the shape of peaches or the flavor of strawberries, but these special, expensive, novelty strawberries do seem like a convenient solution for anyone out there who really wants to eat a strawberry but inexplicably hates the flavor.