Japan Cat Cafe Closed Over Animal Welfare

Cat cafes are a wonderful invention, especially for people who want to look at and pet cats but cannot have pets of their own, but cats are living animals that require care, and this week the Tokyo government had to step in and shut down one cafe for the good of the cats.

According to Rocket News 24, Neko no Te in Tokyo is the first cat cafe in Japan to be temporarily closed for animal welfare reasons. It's been closed for 30 days for reported failure to comply with hygiene and nutrition standards for the cats' well-being. Neko no Te has been barred from displaying or housing cats for 30 days, and must correct the problems and pass another inspection to be allowed to bring the cats back.

Neko no Te appears to be confident in its abilities to bring its operation back up to code, and in an announcement on its website recommended that would-be customers make reservations for any time after May 20, which is when the ban lifts.

In general, though, cat cafes are normally known for taking very good care of their animals and having healthy, doted-upon cats who enjoy all the attention.