Jamie Oliver Sticks Chile Peppers Down His Pants To Announce 'Food Tube'

Jamie Oliver's "Food Tube" YouTube show is getting relaunched this January, so obviously the marketing team had to promo it a month in advance with an interactive video. The video allows you to click on various items around his kitchen (including Oliver himself, with his face and umm... crotch), which brings the viewers to various parts of the video.

While many of the reactions are fairly predictable, it's still pretty adorable to see the naughty side of Oliver's humor. The majority of the food gets thrown at Oliver, but there are also dropping glasses, unpredictable lamps, and some juggling. Imagine if we could wreak havoc through all of Oliver's demos. It would be fascinating, but probably very dangerous. That knife seems pretty sharp.

The show is relaunching Jan. 21, 2013, and Oliver promises to show plenty of uncut scenes. Check out the trailer below, although you should make sure your annotations are switched on or the video buttons won't work.