Jamie Oliver's New Show ‘Chef Race: UK vs. U.S.’ to Premiere Fall 2012

You haven’t seen tensions this high since the Revolutionary War

What do you get when you take 16 chefs—eight American, eight British—with no money and minimal resources, and send them on a 3,000-mile adventure across the U.S. to win $100,000?

Something a lot like chef Jamie Oliver’s new cooking expedition series, Chef Race: UK vs. U.S., that is set to premiere on BBC America in fall 2012.

With limited resources, the chefs must rely on more than just the skills they’ve learned in the kitchen. Resourcefulness, innovation, leadership and finesse will be just as important as any kind of cooking in order for team America or team Britain to get the upper hand in this culinary race.

Jamie Oliver, the show’s executive producer, told BBC: “The restaurant business is one of the toughest in the world and to be successful in it these days takes so much more than just being able to cook. You've got to have a good business sense, vision, leadership and so much more. This series is the first time that anyone has really dug deep into what it takes to be successful and it's going to take an incredible individual to win it.”

The chefs will be in good company during their cross-country odyssey, with Michelin-starred London Restaurateur Richard Corrigan (MasterChef) as their mentor and judge and Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix) hosting the show.