Jamie Oliver Launching US Version of Magazine

Looks like he'll be hitting American newstands as early as next week

While Jamie Oliver may have taken over U.S. television in the form of Food Revolution, Oliver's publishing ventures have yet to make it stateside.

Luckily for fans of the chef, CBC reports that an Ottawa publishing company is taking charge of Jamie: Making You a Better Cook, and a North American edition may be released as early as next week.

The original magazine, which has been published in Britain for four years, will be revamped to fit North American needs, covering topics such as Nova Scotia cuisine, and changing up metric measurements for American readers. Also, British lingo is out; "gammon" will be changed to "ham," for example.

North American magazine readers can no longer feel left out of the Oliver universe, and online readers will reportedly get an app with Oliver's recipes and links to buy certain products.

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Eater reports the first issue will have a feature on burgers, plus the aformentioned Nova Scotia story, hitting newsstands Nov. 14.