Jamie Oliver-Inspired Comedy to Be Produced by Ryan Seacrest

Paramount has plans to make a movie loosely based on the 'Food Revolution' star’s life

The Emmy award-winning show Food Revolution isn’t quite enough for British chef Jamie Oliver. And American Idol, the Olympics, his radio show, E! News, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians are still not enough for producer and TV personality Ryan Seacrest. The two are teaming up with Paramount to produce Food Fight, a full-length comedy loosely based on Oliver’s life.

Oliver’s lifelong mission is to introduce healthier food options in schools to combat obesity and other nutrition-related health problems. Within that same vein, Food Fight would detail the story of a Los Angeles chef known for his popular food truck that gets in trouble with the law and is forced to work at a local school. With the help of a group of dedicated students, the chef helps revamp the school’s meal program and introduce healthier options. The film is admittedly a School of Rock-type movie, but for foodies.

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Casting for the film has yet to be determined, but according to The Guardian, Paramount is considering the forever hilarious Will Ferrell or Sean William Scott for the lead role. Jamie Oliver reportedly might do a cameo, too. You can never have enough celebrity chef cameos, right?