Jamie Oliver Criticizes U.K. Poor Families' Food Choices

For Jamie Oliver, the food revolution is nowhere near over. Oliver, known for his TV series The Naked Chef and the Emmy Award-winning Jamie's Food Revolution, is an advocate for healthy eating and educating students about food. In an interview with Radio Times magazine, the British chef criticized poor families in the U.K. for eating unhealthy, ready-to-eat meals instead of spending less money by cooking from scratch.

Oliver told Radio Times that he has spent time in poor communities, and that it's "hard to talk about modern-day poverty" because budget constraints make it difficult for financially-strapped families to eat healthy. He did, however, note that poor people in other countries like Italy and Spain make "inspirational food" without spending a lot of money.

'The flavor comes from a cheap cut of meat, or something that's slow-cooked, or an amazing texture's been made out of leftover stale bread," Oliver said. He maintained that he's "not judgmental," but thinks that families in the U.K. can eat healthier and spend less money than they would on fast food or ready-to-eat meals.

The chef's new show, Jamie's Money Saving Meals, will air next week and discuss cooking cheaper, healthier meals by going to the local market.