Jalapeño Cheese Sausage Like None Other


For many people, Texas barbecue brisket and sausage begins and ends at Kreuz's Market (pronounced "Krites") in Lockhart (which is not really "Hill Country," mind you, most locals wouldn't give any place east of I-35 that moniker).

And why not? It's an institution. Though not since time memorial in its present spot. In 1900, it was started a quarter mile south from where it is today by Charles Kreuz, and passed on to his sons who ran it until 1948, when Edgar Schmidt, an employee, bought it. He in turn, passed it on to his sons in 1984, where they ran it until 1999 when a dispute amongst siblings over rent forced Kreuz to its present location.

All that said, the folks at the register at Kreuz are curt and the whole, "We don't do sides" thing really isn't true. That'd be fine if everything you ordered was amazing. But the brisket at Kreuz is actually a bit dry, making the whole, "We don't do sauces" thing kind of just annoying.

But the jalapeño cheese sausage! Oh, the sausage. There's a snap of the casing as you slice into it — prrip! Salty, juicy, with a spicy zip that builds, but never crests. And for these reasons this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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