Jacques Torres Auctions World's Most Expensive Chocolate Egg

New York's renowned chocolatier Jacques "Mr.Chocolate" Torres has big plans for this Easter. Not only will he offer classic chocolate bunnies and eggs to cheer up any egg hunt, but this year, he hopes to break a new world record by auctioning out the world's most expensive chocolate egg.

Molded by artist Carter Jones using Jacques Torres famous milk chocolate, the colossal egg is part of the city-wide Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, a charitable event of Easter eggs being displayed around the city, all made of different materials by different artists. Altogether, 200 eggs are on display from April 1st to April 17th, after which they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Big Egg Hunt benefits the two charities: Studio in a School and Elephant Family.

Jacques Torres said that the idea to create the colossal egg came to him when approached by the Big Egg Hunt team, asking if he was interested in participating in this year's hunt. "I could not refuse because we are always eager for new challenges!" Mr. Torres said. The biggest challenge, though, was that no mold exists for an egg of the size and shape Mr. Torres and Mr. Jones had in mind, so they had to create it all from scratch. The final product is a spectacular egg measuring 30 inches tall, weighing approximately 120 lbs that depict the iconic landmarks and buildings of New York City. For Mr. Torres, the city represents a big part of his life and career and it only seemed appropriate to depict this in the chocolate design. "We love New York, I created Jacques Torres chocolate here, and this is where we are based," he said.

The smooth, milk chocolate-hued egg, decorated with the iconic New York skyline and yellow stars, is now on display at the original Jacques Torres retail location in Brooklyn's DUMBO waterfront neighborhood. The goal for Mr. Torres is to break William Curley's Gunniness World Record title for The World's Most Expensive Chocolate Egg Sold at Auction. The current record is set at $11,000, for which Curley's egg was sold during the 2012 Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in London.

Besides the colossal egg, Jacques Torres store is prepared for a chocolate-filled Easter holiday, offering a big assortment of seasonal Easter Chocolate, with classics like his signature chocolate covered Peeps and new for 2014, sleek pastel and marble colored eggs that are available exclusively in his New York retail locations. For Mr. Chocolate himself, Easter would not be complete without a childhood classic – praline eggs with hazelnuts. "I grew up in France loving the taste of praline. This brings a lot of memories!" said Mr. Torres.

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