Jack Daniel’s Launches Hard Cider

Staff Writer
As if you didn’t love their whiskey enough, Jack Daniel’s has come out with a hard cider for the colder months
Jack Daniel’s Launches Hard Cider
Juliet Tierney

Jack Daniel's has us getting cozy with their new hard cider.

For many, whiskey is what immediately comes to mind when they're freezing and need a drink to warm up. There’s nothing that says you can’t just grab a Jack Daniel’s whiskey and a little Coke, but apparently Jack Daniel’s is all about being festive this holiday season because they’ve come out with their version of Tennessee cider.

The cider is a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. Although Jack Daniel's may not be a super-high-end whiskey, we were pleasantly surprised by the product's taste. At first we were a little skeptical, but once we cracked the bottle open we were thrilled!

The cider is recommended to be served warm, so we tossed some in a mug and threw it in the microwave. The result was fantastic. We can see what Jack Daniel’s is trying to do with their snow-covered, pine tree-lined bottle — they’re all about the warmth of the holiday season. And what better way to connect with consumers than with warm apple cider? Apple cider is a staple for the holiday season, but not everyone has the time to sit around and mull apples to create a perfectly spiced batch. But now Jack Daniel’s has taken the work out of the drink and added the most delicious qualities of a nice warm apple cider to its whiskey. There’s also a Jack Daniel’s White Cider recipe that we can’t wait to try when the first snow starts to fall on our mean and busy streets of New York.

Click here to see Jack Daniel's White Cider Recipe.

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