Izakaya Den is Back, and Not a Year Too Soon

Staff Writer
After being under construction for over a year, the Denver Asian restaurant opens its doors in a brand new space

This Tuesday, Denver got back its Izakaya Den in a new and refurbished space next to its sister restaurant, Sushi Den.

Of course, as The Denver Post reported, Izakaya Den’s new venue on South Pearl Street took over a year to construct. It’s “a two-story sprawl of clean lines, earth tones, and intricate craftsmanship,” decorated with a host of authentic Asian items and displays, including a bamboo garden, kimono fabric and a glass elevator. In July, the restaurant’s second level will open, featuring a cocktail lounge and patio.

Izakaya Den lists its tagline as “the sake house with tapas,” and such a description expresses the eclectic range of cuisines that the restaurant serves. It’s a Japanese gastro pub, essentially, with a sushi-heavy menu, but its chefs create dishes infused with comprehensively international flavors.

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They say good things come to those who wait, and that cliché holds true in this restaurant’s case. With the second level still being worked on, it’s not done yet, but this Japanese place promises to be an exciting new addition to Denver’s “Den Corner.”