Itty Bitty BLTs Recipe

Itty Bitty BLTs Recipe
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Given the widespread popularity that bacon is enjoying, I’m surprised that there isn’t yet a bacon-themed board game (and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game doesn’t count). I’m sure one will be hitting game store shelves near you before long. Probably with scratch-and-sniff, if the game developers know their audience. This is the time to splurge on the best bacon you can get your hands on, thick slices from a top-of-the-line producer. It may mean a trip to a specialty butcher, or even an order from an online source, such as Nueske's. You may find the cocktail-sized loaves in other bread types as well, such as sourdough and rye. Feel free to swap one of those for the pumpernickel, if you wish. Adapted from "Gourmet Game Night" by Cynthia Nims.