It's Official: Mexican Coke Tastes Better Than Regular Coke

... or at least according to a recent taste test

Forget the big debate swirling around the alleged link between soda and cancer, there's a bigger soda-related question on the table at the moment — does Mexican Coke actually taste better than regular Coke?

According to a recent taste test on The Huffington Post Food section, the answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

The site asked 20 of its editors to blind-taste the two sodas side by side and found that 85 percent could tell the difference between regular and Mexican Coke, and that a whopping 80 percent preferred the taste of Mexican Coke. The tasters reportedly thought that the regular variety "didn't taste good, [is] kind of bland" and "has [an] interesting, almost vanilla, aftertaste, yet weird chemical flavor at first." Regarding the flavor of the Mexican Coke, however, tasters had much more positive things to say: "Pure bubbles," "a little brighter," and "has a cleaner, less artificial flavor."

The question of which variety is superior is certainly not a new one. But given that the sweetened-with-real-sugar Mexican Coke, a cult favorite with a serious following, is now becoming more widely available in major grocery stores nationwide, it seems a worthy question to answer.

What do you think? Is Mexican Coke better or is there really no difference?