Italy's Most Delicious Dishes

To many, Italy is considered the ultimate culinary mecca. No one does food as beautifully and thoughtfully as the Italians do, and there is something about Italian food that, no matter when you eat it, always hits the spot.

These dishes are the crème de la crème.

Pizza Margherita

Photo via The Daily Meal

Pizza is a given. There is nothing more beautiful and more satisfying than thin-crust Margherita pizza topped off with fresh sauce and mozzarella. Perfection.


Photo via The Daily Meal

A plate of lasagna can cure any bad day.

Gnocchi al Pesto

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The smell of pesto is so beautiful it feels as if the heavens are parting and angels are singing their way down to earth, and pillows of gnocchi just make this a to-die-for dish.


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Spaghetti is as classic as it gets when it comes to Italian food — at least in the U.S. Nothing else will give you that good, Italian-American comfort food feeling.

Osso Bucco

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The veal is beyond tender and delicate and it's married perfectly with a rich, flavorful sauce. Thank the food gods that this perfect match was made.


Photo via The Daily Meal

No list of Italy's most delicious offerings would be complete without adding a couple of scoops of gelato to every meal.