Italian Woman Dies While Hunting for Hidden Cookies

An elderly Italian woman died while looking for a secret cookie stash
Christmas cookies


An old woman died last week after getting stuck in a wardrobe looking for cookies her son had hidden from her.

An 84-year-old woman in Italy had such a sweet tooth that her family worried about her health, but their attempts to help took a tragic turn last week when she was accidentally killed while looking for a hidden stash of cookies.

According to The Local, the woman suffered from diabetes but would not stop eating sweet snacks and foods. Worried about her health, her son reportedly took the cookies out of the house and hid them from her so she would not eat them.

Undaunted, the woman went looking for the cookies that she knew were in the house somewhere. But while she rummaged around the house for the secret stash of cookies, she thought maybe her son had hidden them in the wardrobe, so she went in there.

After digging her way into the wardrobe to find the cookies, the woman reportedly got stuck and could not get out, and she died while trapped in the wardrobe. Coroners later attributed the cause of death to suffocation from being pressed against all the coats and clothes in the wardrobe.