Shopkeeper Fights Off Armed Robber With Candy

A fearless Italian shopkeeper is a surprising hero after he managed the astounding feat of facing and driving off an armed robber in his store, even though the robber had a gun and the shopkeeper only had a big display of candy.

According to The Local, a young man walked into the shop wearing a hood and carrying a pistol. Much to the horror of the customer in line at the register, the man walked right up, pointed the gun at the shopkeeper, and demanded the contents of the register.

The shopkeeper refused to hand over the money, and instead started pelting the would-be robber with candy from the display. When the shopkeeper shoved a large display rack of candy at the robber, that man finally turned and ran away.

Police caught the robber as he was trying to escape. Later investigation revealed the gun was only loaded with blanks, and the robber was given a suspended sentence of one year and 10 months.