Italian Chef Pays Child Support with Pizza

A court ruled that it was OK for a chef to send food instead of money


An Italian chef has been paying his daughter's child support by sending gourmet pizzas to his ex-wife's house, and his ex is not happy about it.

An Italian chef decided that instead of paying child support by sending money every month, he would support his daughter by sending her enormous amounts of pizza, and a court just decreed that he’s allowed to do that.

According to The Local, a pizza chef in Padua, Italy, was supposed to pay 300 euros a month in child support to his ex-wife to support their daughter. Instead of sending a check or paying by wire transfer, he’s reportedly been sending 300 euros worth of pizza. That would be a lot of pizza for anybody, and his ex-wife finally had enough and took him to court for not having paid child support.


Somewhat surprisingly, though, the judge ruled in favor of the chef and said that it was perfectly acceptable for him to keep paying child support in pizzas because he said he could not afford to pay in actual money. The chef’s daughter might enjoy her lifetime supply of pizza, but it seems safe to say that her mother is not happy about the ruling.