Chef's Manslaughter Charge Makes Restaurant More Popular Than Ever

Last week chef Mario Cattaneo allegedly killed a burglar who broke into the restauranthe owned and above which he and his family lived. He's now facing criminal charges, but his restaurant is more popular than ever as local supporters and politicians have booked up every table in the place for the past few nights.

According to The Local, Cattaneo says three burglars broke into his restaurant early last Friday morning, while he and his family were asleep in the apartment upstairs. Cattaneo says that he brought a hunting rifle to confront the robbers, and he says that during a scuffle with the intruders it went off, and he had no idea if it hit anyone or not until several hours later after someone broke the news to him as he was being treated in a hospital for light injuries sustained during the altercation. The gun did kill one of the burglars, though, and some reports say the alleged burglar was shot in the back, and his body was found 100 yards away from Cattaneo's restaurant.

Cattaneo is reportedly under investigation for voluntary manslaughter. If he's convicted, that charge carries a minimum sentence of 21 years in prison. Many people support Cattaneo and say that firing his gun in self-defense was justified. The incident happened on Friday, and by Sunday Cattaneo's restaurant was completely booked. Local supporters were reportedly rallying around Cattaneo and supporting the killing and every table in the restaurant was booked when Cattaneo was cooking again on Sunday night, reports say.