It's Snack Time

Soon after passing the bridge over Town Lake, and entering the exhilarating street life that is South Congress Ave., you will see a retro, nostalgia-inspiring  sign looming in the Austin sky. I thought to myself, I like snacks, I like bars, so why not give this restaurant, tucked amidst boutiques and street markets, a try?

I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed environment and nutritionally sound menu. Snack Bar utilizes local, organic, and fresh ingredients in its dishes, which are as diverse as the people of Austin. Available are hearty dishes (like succulent burgers), smaller offerings (an amazing black bean dip), and everything in between. Snack Bar offers selections fit to the myriad of specialty diets that many foodies in Austin  have embraced, such as the gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo, "you name it" diet.

As for the atmosphere, you feel as though you are eating breakfast at your kitchen table. The abundance of natural light and smiling waiters contributes to the relaxing atmosphere.
On this particular occasion, I was brunching with my mother. For starters, we split a glorious toasted slice of banana bread. Who says you can't have an appetizer at breakfast?

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

After much back and forth, I ordered a parfait with vanilla, coconut milk yogurt and sweet granola. The creaminess of the yogurt and crunch of the oats combined was a harmonious blend of textures, satisfying my cravings for a sweet start.

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

My mother opted for a salty option, Migas, a Mexican masterpiece. Fresh eggs, melted cheese, avocado, and crunchy tortilla strips. They were rich, full of flavor and filling, but not overloaded with "junky" toppings so as to avoid the mushy texture common amongst Tex-Mex cuisine.

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

All in all, I would recommend dining at Snack Bar. Although I have not tried its lunch, dinner, or trademark snacks, I feel confident in predicting its high quality and supurb taste based on such a pleasant breakfast.
Also, I challenge you to clear your plate like we did.

Photo By Kathryn Stouffer

Location: 1224 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
Hours of operation: weekdays 10am-11ish, except Tues. 4pm-11ish; weekends 9 am-11

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