It’s in the Sauce

Andrew Evans schools us in the art of making delicious barbecue sauce
The BBQ Joint

Andrew Evan's pulled pork sandwich dripping in perfected sauce.

We love that tailgating is synonymous with barbecue — we live for the pulled pork and the hamburgers that keep us fueled for the game. But no matter the cut of meat, barbecue just isn’t barbecue without a great recipe. Slathering on the sauce is an art form that  The BBQ Joint pitmaster Andrew Evans completely understands. To make a signature homemade sauce that will knock your fellow tailgaters out of the park, you need to know the key ingredients, how to work the meat, and the subtle intricacies of bringing out the flavor. Follow Evans' tips and you’ll be licking your fingers in no time!

Key Ingredients for a Solid Basic BBQ Sauce
• Worcestershire [Lea & Perrins brand recommended]
• Ketchup
• Firmly packed brown sugar
• Molasses
• Mustard
• Tabasco
• Black pepper
• Cider vinegar
*Adjust heat to your liking with a pepper sauce like Sriracha.

15 Essential Barbecue Ingredients Andrew Evans Dishes Tips on How to Tailgate

Barbecue Tips for Grilling Regulars:
For Shrimp: 

Marinate large shrimp (shell on) with lemon peel, crushed garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, chopped Italian parsley, salt, and pepper for one hour. Flash grill on a super-hot grill. Serve with anything!
For Steak:
Grill flat-iron steak after marinating in an IPA beer with onions for two hours. Grill steak and onions together after seasoning with salt and pepper
For Salmon:
Divide your grill in two with fire on one side. Put pieces of salmon on the side with no fire and hot smoke with apple chips at 250 degrees  until the fish registers 160 degrees internally.