It’s Baseball Opening Day!: What Are Players Eating?

It’s Baseball Opening Day!: What Are Players Eating?
Major League Baseball

Baseball players love cooking and going out to eat just like the rest of us! Even though, unlike the rest of us, they have a much bigger spending budget.

You can almost hear the crack of the bats, and the muffled calls of “get your beer here!” from vendors. Yes, baseball is back, and with all major league opening days happening in the last two days, that means your favorite players are back in action from the long winter and spring training, and The Daily Meal has the low-down on what players have been eating in the off-season.

Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder has been taking part in the juice cleansing-craze, and tweeted that he’s been keeping hydrated with organic Ritual Wellness juices. Yankees outfielder Vernon Wells has also been keeping it healthy with snacks of grapes, apples, kale, and protein. Gotta bulk up and keep the pounds off for the season!

Another Yankee outfielder, Carlos Beltran, has been trying to keep it healthy in the family too:

New York Mets young star pitcher Matt Harvey has also gone the way of the latest nutrition craze, and recently posted a picture of some seriously delicious-looking gluten-free waffles.

But don’t worry, comfort food fans, Tampa Rays rookie Kevin Kiermaier posted a photo on Twitter of a recent home-cooked meal which incidentally, included quite a lot of bacon. 

And for you New York baseball fans: Davio’s Steakhouse on East 45th St. is the place to be for many New York baseball legends. Former Red Sox and Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon just dined at Davio’s last week.

"During my Yankee years, Davio's was my favorite place to go after the battles at Fenway,” said former Yankees skipper Joe Torre, about the Davio’s location in Boston. “Win or Lose! However, I must say the food seemed tastier after a victory.”

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