iPhone Add-On Sensors Test If Food Is Organic

Considering the hot mess that is our local grocery store, sometimes we have to wonder if the peach we're buying is truly organic. Luckily, an iPhone "appcessory" may be able to let us know come December.

Fast Company reports that a set of iPhone add-ons from the company Lapka will be able to measure humidity/temperature, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, and organicity of food.

The latter peripheral measures organicity by checking for nitrate concentration with a steel probe; synthetic nitrogen is typically used in non-organic fertilizers.

Granted, a synthetic nitrogen test can only confirm if non-organic fertilizer was used; organic certification is based on inspection of the entire food production process. But at least you can double check to make sure your grocery store isn't relabeling products.

Fast Company reports that the set of four iPhone add-ons should be available in December for $220. Other peripherals in the works include an allergen sensor, glucometer, and blood pressure monitor. No word on when these will be available for an Android, but head on over to Fast Company to see the very pretty, well-designed Lapka peripherals.