Introducing 'Too Good To Be Food?'

For those of us looking for fast and easy ways to prepare meals, the onslaught of healthy and natural products can seem like a blessing in disguise. But how many of these so-called "better" alternatives truly live up to the claims they purport?

The Daily Meal welcomes nationally recognized nutrition expert and author Keri Glassman, founder and president of Nutritious Life, who’ll be joining us to decipher the suspect advertising and ingredients in our food. Starting tomorrow and continuing twice a month, Keri’s column, "Too Good to Be Food?," will school readers in the ways of practical healthy thinking and explain how people can use these ideas to make smarter choices in the supermarket aisle.

Up first, a look at Tyson’s "Grilled and Ready" line of fully cooked chicken breast strips. Are our nation’s food manufacturers really helping us pull ourselves up by our elastic-waist jeans? The results are sure to surprise, and may even bring tears to your eyes.