Introducing China's New Hello Kitty Beer

The largest beer market is held by Asia, more specifically China, and has been for the past five years. Naale Soutbeer, Naale White Beer, and Snow are some of the most popular beers in China. They all identify as having the same taste: mellow and fruity. A new beer in China also has the same taste, but this time, marketed with an unusual cartoon character: it's the Hello Kitty Beer

The overly friendly aluminum can comes in various colors of green and raspberry, with a Hello Kitty logo splashed on the front. With a low alcohol content of 3.2 percent, the beer tastes "more like fruit juice than beer," says the website Kotoku

The only beer in America that comes close to this new cartoon brew is the Beck's Hello Kitty Beer, which was released in 2009. The green glass bottle is covered in pink stickers; there's even a gender symbol aggressively set in the center of the bottle. However, the taste of the beer is reportedly nothing like the image. Reviewers said the beer resembled a "skunky taste" due to the clear green bottle.

As it's clear that beer makers in China are looking to reach out to a female audience, possibly even preteens, ask yourself — would you try China's Hello Kitty Beer?