International Journal Of Gastronomy & Food Science Looks At Commercialization & Application Of Molecular Gastronomy

The International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, which is recognized as the first scientific journal combining gastronomy with science, recently published its second issue. Created by Chef Andoni Aduriz and The Basque Culinary Center, the journal explores scientific approaches to gastronomy, as it strives to merge scientific perspectives with non-science disciplines. Its perspective is unique, as it factors in environmental issues (such as sociology), the humanities, and the arts, and looks at how these relate to gastronomy.

The journal, which acts as a communication forum between chefs and scientists worldwide, spans three areas of research: gastronomy in perspective (covering culinary techniques, nutrition, consumer studies, and related topics); science and gastronomy (which contains scientific research papers published by chefs in conjunction with scientists from various disciplines); and innovation in gastronomy (which contains articles authored by chefs discussing their original creations). The culinary-centric publication is distributed internationally in fine restaurants, as well as at scientific institutions and universities.