InterContinental London Park Lane Now Offering SUNDÃRI Skincare's Full Treatment Experiences

InterContinental London Park Lane Now Offering SUNDÃRI Skincare's Full Treatment Experiences

If you’re looking to add a new skincare line to your hotel, it probably doesn’t hurt to seek out the help of a supermodel who makes her living off of her flawless looks and enviable skin. Recently the InterContinental London Park Lane unveiled its new line of spa treatment products, SUNDÃRI, created by none other than the stunning Christy Turlington. 


Ayurvedic-inspired and designed to promote health and beauty from the inside-out, the SUNDÃRI treatment menu incorporates technology and therapeutic-grade oils to cultivate healthy skin. “We are thrilled to welcome SUNDÃRI to join our existing Elemis products and spa menu. While all of our guests seek real results, the preference on how to get them varies. SUNDÃRI offers a wonderful option for those looking for inside-out beauty,” states Spa InterContinental Manager Radhika Khandke.

Spa goers can expect to start with a one-on-one consultation with a Spa InterContinental technician as well as a Dosha balance assessment before their session to fully get a personalized treatment plan. They will get to be in control of details like preferred oils and scents, room temperature and how firm or soft they fancy their massages.

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“Ayurveda is acknowledged as the oldest medical science, originating from India, and is focused on the balance of three Doshas: Vata (dry skin), Pitta (normal/ combination skin) and Kapha (oily skin) for optimum health. The philosophy of balance is woven through the entire SUNDÃRI experience,” explains Head of Development for SUNDÃRI, Lisa Capozio.

SUNDÃRI products are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances and use well-known plants such as chamomile, aloe vera and lavender. The line will be aimed at guests who prefer a more in-depth and holistic approach to their beauty regimen.