Interactive Korean Barbecue at Honey Pig

Tabletop cooking takes center stage at this experimental restaurant

Honey Pig

If you’re a fan of dining experiences that are a change of pace from the norm, then Honey Pig is a must-try. At this Korean barbecue restaurant, the format is so unique that it takes some getting used to: Each table has its own domed grill, and servers bring raw meats and all the fixin’s to your table. You cook the meat, wrap it up in lettuce leaves, add on a slew of condiments, enjoy, and repeat. Honey Pig is certainly one restaurant in town that doesn’t have much of an equal.

Pork belly and boneless short rib are the two most popular meats to grill, as their fattiness lends itself nicely to the charring heat. But various other varieties of pork (different marinades, jowl meat, and just skin) and beef (tongue, brisket, intestines) are available, as well as shrimp, scallops, duck, and octopus.

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Hot pots, another famous Korean interactive food, are also available; a big bowl of broth is delivered to your table and you can cook your meat that way as well.