Instant Fresh and Healthy Frozen Burritos

It's after midnight on a Saturday and you have a burrito craving. What are your options?
Red's All Natural

These great tasting burritos only take two minutes in the microwave.

It's after midnight on a Saturday and you have a burrito craving. What are your options? It's either make them from scratch, head to Taco Bell, or hope you had the foresight to stock your freezer with the frozen type just for this moment. If you planned on the later, hopefully you have Red's All Natural on hand.[related]

Red's were created by Mike Adair when under similar duress, he turned to his wife Paige's recipes, hit the kitchen, and made them from scratch. Was it the bourbon or the number of Margaritas he consumed beforehand that inspired him to name them after his adopted dog Red?

All I know is these great tasting burritos are only two minutes in the microwave away from my expectant highly discerning mouth. Red's ingredients make all the difference. They are 100 percent all-natural, non-GMO, preservative-free made with antibiotic, hormone-free meat and rBGH-free cheese. Another key distinction: Red’s also only uses authentic tortillas made from ingredients found in your pantry. Plus, they are just big enough to cradle all the fresh and spicy ingredients without overwhelming the resulting melange of flavors.

I found Red's to have surprisingly fresh ingredients for frozen burritos. The tortillas definitely have a spring to their bite without the soggy gluiness that frequently plagues other brands I've tried. A lot of this is due to the fact that Red’s All Natural uses just 20 percent tortilla in each burrito compared to the typical 50 percent.

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