An Inside Source to Multi-Dimensional Dining in SOMA


Source has revolutionized the way San Franciscans think about vegetarian food. Vegetarian establishments don’t usually bode well with carnivores because of their preconceived notions of vegetables and seitan not being very tasty. There wasn’t much room for the imagination… that is until Source opened up.

Source, a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant that opened last year in the SOMA district of San Francisco, offers a multi-dimensional dining experience unlike any other restaurant in the area. Their mantra is to feed the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies of their patrons with a unique experience in a mainstream way starting with the elements: water, air, sight, and food.

The water is quadruple filtered and infused with healing energies removed of chemicals, toxins, and metals. The air is also purified with a deodorized filter to circulate a clean breathing environment. Rotating geometric symbols and shapes, often used in color therapy to enhance the mood can be found on the walls and to enhance the energy of the restaurant. Andrew Fox, the founder of Source, is passionate about providing a unique dining experience for his patrons which keeps them coming back for more. His friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of his food intrigues customers to try everything on the menu. “We create a sacred place of love and consciousness in this energetic space,” said Fox.

Source’s extensive menu offers a variety of dishes for both vegetarians and vegans from pizza to dosas. This is a vegetarian’s haven, being able to eat Quack (duck), Moo (beef), Cluck (chicken), or a Bow Wow (sausage) all made from organic ingredients.

All of the food is also locally sourced. Source’s pizzas are baked in a custom made dragon head fire-oven that produces amazing creations like the Magic Mushroom Pizza: (mushrooms, mozarella cheese, goat cheese, etc.) and the Artichoke Pie.

Another favorite of mine is the Avocado Oink Bits Burger (veggie pattie in a pita bread with cheese, lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes). This was the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. What makes their homemade pattie so unique is the combination of ingredients used: beets, celery, carrots, lentils, mushrooms, brown rice, fresh herbs, soy protein, onions and garlic. All of their veggie burgers also come with fries. A great accompaniment to the fries is Source’s organic homemade ketchup which is made with agave.

I would definitely recommend checking out Source whether you’re an herbivore or carnivore.