Infiniti Reaches Out to the Younger Luxury Buyer with the Q30 Concept


Earlier this year, Infiniti shook up its naming scheme. The G Sedan became the Q50. The G coupe and convertible were renamed Q60, and the M sedan became Q70. What you're looking at here, however, is the Q30.

Now if you've gotten to the place in your life where you're reading luxury lifestyle publications and shopping for luxury cars, you probably either inherited your money or made it yourself, but somewhere along the line we assume you learned to count. In which case you've probably already figured out that Q30 would land below the Q50, Q60 and Q70 in Infiniti's new lineup. And you'd be right.

While the Q50 (which competes with the likes of the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class) currently anchors the bottom end of Infiniti's luxury sedan range, the new Q30 is a concept car that shows the way forward for the brand's expansion into a more accessible (but still premium) market. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, the Infiniti Q30 concept seeks a younger demographic — the same buyers looking at the Audi A3 or Mercedes-Benz CLA.

"Younger customers are coming into the premium segment with their own attitude toward premium-ness," said Infiniti marketing director Hugues Fabre "They are looking for intense, authentic experiences, and they are willing to bend the traditional codes of luxury and disrupt convention to create better and more customised experiences. We believe these customers deserve a premium product of their own. Q30 Concept explores that possibility."

Bearing the Japanese premium automaker's latest design language, the concept car takes a five-door hatchback form, painted in a metallic hue somewhere in between bronze and rose gold. Though strictly a concept for the time being, it points the way forward for Infiniti into a new segment it has previously never explored — one that would give younger buyers in the market for something smaller, nimbler, more cost-effective (yet no less luxurious) a new choice when shopping for their next car.