Indulge Like a Pro: Making A Full Day Out of Your Spa Experience Part 1

Indulge Like a Pro: Making A Full Day Out of Your Spa Experience Part 1

Going into its second month starting August 1, Miami Spa Month (plus one?) is continuing to give us another reason to pamper ourselves all month long without feeling (too) guilty. The event takes place throughout the greater Miami region and its renowned beaches. Throughout these next 31 days, patrons can experience many of the best spas in America at special rates.

We asked Josie Feria, Director of Spa Operations at Fontainebleau Miami Beach her thoughts on how to indulge like a pro and get the most out of your full spa day. Below are her answers:

Prepare in Advance

Call ahead for the appointment and ask what facilities are available for you to enjoy in complement to your spa service. This will allow you to plan your use of time at the facility for maximum benefit. Schedule the appointment and arrive with enough time to use the facilities in advance of your treatment so as to reap maximum benefits. This includes taking a shower and using heat facilities like the jet tubs, or steam, sauna and deluge showers in advance of your service. Doing so will increase the efficacy of the service and will also allow you to enter a state of relaxation early on in the treatment. A ritual of soaking, steaming or taking in dry heat will increase the benefits of the spa service substantially not only physically but also mentally and spiritually

Arriving at the Spa

Leave most stuff at home [or in your hotel]; don’t come laden with fancy clothes, oversized bags and jewelry. A good spa will provide you with all the amenities you need sans bathing suit. Come disposed to free your mind of worries and concerns by leaving the clutter at home.

Mind Your Manners

The best place for a smart phone or tablet is the locker with the volume off. This is a day to free yourself of as many encumbrances as you can on your time, mental and emotional resources. Also this helps you be a “Good Spa Neighbor,” meaning that other guests don’t have to suffer through your selfies  and personal conversations. A real spa aficionado knows that use of electronic equipment in the spa is gauche.

Hydrate and Refresh

Spa time is a great time for a little detox, and made easier by drinking lots of water especially if infused with citrus fruits and vegetables or detox herbal tea. So skip the soda, energy drink and most definitely skip the wine, coffee or Champagne. The body responds well to a day with fewer toxins, solid foods and preservatives. Massage and body treatments have a beneficial effect on circulation and [lymphatic drainage], and imbibing water or herbal tea will help complement the benefits of these therapies.

Get the Most From Your Service

Speak with the [staff]; let them know if you have any special concerns and also what you can expect from the service. Tell them if you’ve dry skin, or shoulder pain or prefer more or less pressure. Technicians are talented and competent, but not psychic, so sharing your thoughts is helpful to them. After this initial conversation, stay quiet and try to internalize the benefits of the treatment. Seek to empty your mind of conscious thought and try to be in the moment of relaxation and enjoyment. If at any time you don’t enjoy the process, let the provider know by saying so.

wrap up
Wrapping up the Day

After your service, stay and enjoy the facilities and revel in the comfort and ease you feel directly after a spa service. Close your eyes and draw in some deep breaths of gratitude for the blessings of enjoying such a day. Continue to reap benefits by not drinking alcohol that day and turning in early for a long night’s sleep.